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Ultimate Touch Massage

Thank you for choosing Ultimate Touch Massage. I am Perpetual Sampson, and I will be of service to you bringing you relief from stress and pain through the skillful use of massage. I am a trained, licensed, professional masseuse who is guided by the principles of fairness instilled in me by my parents and the ethics of healthcare with the Golden Rule in mind. After all, massage is an integral part of one’s well being and that is what you will be receiving from Ultimate Touch Massage in all manner befitting human dignity and respect.

Incorporating regular massage in your lifestyle gives you a calmness of mind and allows you to live a life with extremely less pain amidst the daily hassles of living. It is relieving when each and every one of your aches and pains are removed in one session and ever more rewarding to you when you maintain the pleasure of the healing in regular massage sessions. Most people will achieve great relief in three sessions following the initial session.

Muscle aches invariably cause unease and massage is the most effective way of relieving your aches and pains, delivering, and ensuring you better circulation and most importantly giving you the relaxation and relative comfort of freedom from pains without dependency on medications. I will be your professional masseuse bringing you the relieve through these healing hands of mine.

You will find my fees per session very competitive and my services superb. Most recently, some have given our profession a tainted view; Ultimate Touch Massage is purely professional and dedicated to bringing you relief through massage. Every session will be a health-enhancing experience for you – a rejuvenation of sorts of body, mind, and soul. Relief from pains and aches is the ultimate goal. Please do not have any reservations in relating your requirements and especially your feedback is important to Ultimate Touch Massage. You will be better served when you relay your specific ailment for which you seek relief through massage; if for example you suffer lower back pain and seek relief from that pain or if you are recovering from surgery and need massage to help your circulation or even if you are pregnant.

Thank you for taking the time to read and including me in your choices to bring you relief from stress, pains and aches and to enhance your health through massage. Your honest feedback is important and will be very much appreciated. I am Perpetual Sampson. Thank you.